Hello everyone! I’m Pui Kay but you can call me PK or Kay, whichever is easier for you to remember. I was from Jurong Junior College and took a killer subject combination in the Arts stream (Geog, history and econs), and honestly I’m not sure how I survived. In my free time I usually listen to a lot of music, usually J-rock or J-pop, or watch live music performances and gaming videos on YouTube. I am really introverted so if I don’t talk to you spontaneously or seem aloof please do not take it personally, most of the time it is either because I’m always sleepy or I have a lot on my mind.

There are a lot of reasons why I’ve decided to study psychology, mostly because of interest and also for me to understand myself and other fellow human beings better. Being a curious person by nature, the idea of working in research labs interest me a lot as well especially the thought of experimenting with human guinea pigs (just kidding but not really). I’m most interested in learning more about personality through studying psychology, because it’s amusing how people can be so unique or similar depending on the environment they were brought up in.

I honestly have no idea where I’ll be headed in 5 years time. Ideally I would have successfully gotten my degree and working in a flexible and creative environment with a stable income, such as event planning. Maybe also with a pet cat/dog/rabbit. That’s probably the most practical goal I can think for myself at the moment.

My current media habits and passion would probably be floating around major social media websites. I find that social media is a really useful tool for getting the latest information on the web and also to stay in contact with friends.

That’s about all at the moment. Have a great weekend everyone!



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