Media can save the world! … But only if it’s done the right way

The first thought that usually pops into everyone’s heads when media is mentioned is how pop culture is spread throughout the world through this medium. In fact, media can help to improve everyone’s state of living when used in the right way, when used by positive ‘lobby’ groups. There are organizations in this world who make good use of the media to spread intrinsic values around the globe and also for the well being of our planet.

Many of us who live comfortably in first-world countries find it hard to sympathize with the deterioration of the environment that have resulted from global warming. This is where organizations such as Greenpeace step in to try to bring to light how much of the damage caused are made by corporations who over-consume to feed their pockets and the demands of blinded consumers – namely ourselves. Here, I would use a few examples of campaigns held by Greenpeace as part of their efforts to reduce the effects of global warming on Earth.


One of the campaigns held was to stop Mattel, a toy company most famous for producing Barbie dolls to stop using products from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) for their Barbie dolls’ packaging. APP was a pulp and paper company infamous for the irresponsible burning of Indonesian rainforests which contributed greatly to deforestation, as well as destruction of the homes of the already endangered Sumatran Tiger. A banner was hung by activists dressed as Ken dolls over Mattel’s headquarters in California.


Another example would be another campaign held last year by Greenpeace to try to convince Shell to stop their plans to drill the already-melting North Pole for more oil. Seen in the video below, they were dressed as polar bears this time round to help ‘rebrand’ Shell into a more environmentally-friendly corporation.

As we can see, through such imaginative ways these ‘lobby’ groups were able to make an impressive statement to create awareness and also to remind us about how our natural surroundings suffer from our selfish consumerism. This would of course not have been possible without the help of the media in spreading the word quickly and efficiently to pressurize these corporations to remember proper ethics and be responsible while continuing on with their business.


Otherwise, the only times we will be able to see these beautiful creatures would only be through pictures in the future.



5 thoughts on “Media can save the world! … But only if it’s done the right way

  1. First of all… since no-one is commenting on this post, I decided to become the nice passerby and left a mark lol.
    Anyway, thank your very much for the info about Indonesia’s rainforest being burned for the sake of making Barbie doll’s packaging (thank you very much life for not making me interested in Barbie!!) Ahem, and also because it’s not a matter of me being Indonesian but because everyone else throughout the world also rely on the oxygen provided by the trees in Indonesia’s forests.
    Once again, thank you!

  2. Hey Kay! I love the topic of your blog. I’m not a tree hugger hahah but I really think it’s important that people are conscious of the longterm effects of their actions! Last year when I was in America I heard about the haze you guys were experiencing in Singapore. I heard there was a lot of speculation, but I’m not sure which one is true! Some said it started from a random fire, but most of the people I asked said that one of the upper countries had purposely burned the land because it was more profitable. However, this had a horrible effect on the environment because it caused so many air quality problems! I really think humanity needs some serious redeeming qualities. Stuff like this makes me sick. I hate how corporations would do such things so that they can save some money here and there. That’s why I’m glad to see some organizations take action against this because so many people just don’t care! But we only have one place to live, so if they don’t start realizing the consequences of their actions, we better figure out a quick way to live on the moon! Hahaha

  3. Hey PK, my bestfriend primary school buddy!
    I really love the topic you discuss. Especially the video shared with us. Very interesting! I find it twisted yet educational. Hehe..Global warming has always been an issue to us worldwide since the beginning. The ‘lobbying’ group used here is simply great! Cheers!!

  4. Hi Kay!

    The first sentence that caught my attention as I was reading this blog post of yours would be that “There are organizations in this world who make good use of the media to spread intrinsic values around the globe and also for the well being of our planet.”
    Yes, I completely agree. After all, the media is not always something bad that we have to see it as. I believe there are pros and cons as to how effective the media can be in giving out information to the public, like us.

    Positive “lobby groups” as we all know could play a huge influence to us. It is one example which I feel is a good way to reach out to people, keeping in mind how much a picture solely can bring out a good message behind it and in creating awareness. Ultimately, it is up to us that we choose to decide on which media is best and most reliable as well.

    I feel that the video you posted is a good share! Good job! 🙂

  5. Hi PK!
    I like your title! “Media can save the world! … But only if it’s done the right way”
    Yes! Only doing the right way then the media can save the world. Nature is something that we could never buy it with money. Hence, we should like it be destroy. hence, the example which you show is a good choice of lobby groups. I definitely believe that media can have both positive and negative effects on us. but it depends on how we look at it. Thanks for sharing!

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