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Many Singaporeans would have definitely heard of this television series called The Noose, with the seventh season debuting soon at the end of March. The content of this comedy series would be relevant in contributing to debate in the public sphere as it does parodies on the many issues and recent news headlines that Singaporeans face these days. In face, the name ‘The Noose’ itself is not only a play on the word The News, but also carries literal gallows humour in reference to the most common execution of death penalty in Singapore, which is through hanging.

Going back to the point about the public sphere, it is most commonly defined as an area in social life where people can gather together to discuss issues pertaining to politics and their society, where such discussions could develop to influence political action in the country. The Noose frequently includes jokes in the show which indirectly makes fun of the policies and controversial issues of the country through puns and role-playing, and even towards our country’s politicians. Here are some of clips which touched on previous events and issues, such as the debate about the influx of foreign workers in our country, decreasing birth rates and also our infamous ex-Miss Singapore Universe Ris Low.

While many of us snicker behind the screens, this comedy series actually helps to provoke a few thoughts. Are the issues that we worry about on a daily basis really all that important or are we just overreacting to insignificant issues because that is what we are frequently exposed to? We are indeed a very sheltered society and generation, being blessed with the latest amenities and convenience in transport, but on the other hand the topic on whether the government should keep up with the times and allow more deep-seated views to be presented to the public is often debated upon, whether or not it may infringe on the country’s sovereignty ever so slightly.

Of course, apart from taking all these thoughts into mind, there’s no harm done in laughing at ourselves and the common antics of Singaporeans through these videos.


6 thoughts on “The Noose

  1. Hi Pui Kay,
    Really like your post, using ‘The Noose’ as an example is a great idea. It enables us to learn public sphere in a fun way. I have been following it every season!
    Not all issues of the country must be look at in a serious way; some light hearted TV shows like this can really help ease the seriousness of the topic.
    I have to also agree with you that, a lot of people are just snickering behind the screens about how we overreact to certain trivial stuff, let me give an example, a maid taking the field pack of an army boy returning from home. Is it really that serious for someone to help a tired army boy carry his field pack?
    More of these shows are needed! Acting as a simple guide to help us choose wisely which are the more important topics to discuss in the public sphere.

  2. Hi PK!
    When i came to know about it when i was staying overseas, i started watching it and I LOVE IT, it’s really funny and yet somewhat educational to to me, i would usually watch the noose 1st to have a great laugh and i would later reference those comedy plays they did online for the actual article and read more about it, it does not seem really boring that way =). Noose has done an amazing job in entertaining the public which such humor news ( there for is noose la, i know).. lol and they did a cool version of our lecturer Mel.. 2nd video u had, Mdm Nancy Goh. Haha
    But don’t you think sometimes there is a hidden message behind the those noose? or they are trying to hint to us? like in the 1st video you posted in this blog, talking about the reproduction rate in singapore, hinting the the audiences like us.. don’t you find it.. scary? O.o

    • Hahaha you better hope that Mel won’t ever come across this comment :p

      In my opinion I think that they were referring to how the government is constantly encouraging Singaporeans to give birth to more children to increase our population replacement rate, so it could probably be just their way of making fun of the government for their regular strong emphasis on our decreasing birthrates.

  3. Hi PK!
    I love the Noose! Thanks for putting it up as an example, because I’m sure most of us could really relate to this show.
    I personally like it that it is publicized as being “informational” but humorous at the same time. This way, people could not only relate to the current existing problems or issues that are happening but also enjoy the show with a tinge of fun and comedy that could lighten up the whole atmosphere.
    The Noose, as you have stated, is a good platform to actually help to provoke a few thoughts. I completely agree. Like how we are often being labelled as being “too pampered” because of the tight security and society that we live in, I find that it is because of this reason that is often allowing us, Singaporeans, to think that we have the right to every piece of news to display online. Even especially on trivial matters like the case of giving up MRT seats and such. I guess there can never be an end to all of this, because the online social media is a free space for all after all. Just maybe, wait till “Ah Gong Lee” steps us to sue us. We never know.
    I had a good read, nonetheless! Keep up with the good post!

  4. Hello Pui Kay!
    I totally love The Noose, therefore, your example is great. LOL. I actually love how the Noose is able to somehow “make fun” of certain things that is happening in Singapore, from the event of the maid carrying the Army boy bag to even Ris Low, and the fact that they are actually highlighting the issues that is happening in our society and really made us think whether we are being too dramatic in caring too much for such trivial issues, overall, had a good laugh all over again watching those videos you posted, and definitely can’t wait for the new season of The Noose!

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