Finally we have come to the last assigned post for this blog! Honestly for me, this assignment has been enriching for me so far due to the flexibility of topics we get to choose from to discuss in each post and I even got to talk about one of my favourite television shows. I feel that this assignment really helped us to understand various current world affairs a lot better and in a more simple way as everyone had already provided a summary of the topic of their choice in their blog posts. Of course, what would be a better way to study media other than through a form of mass media – our blogs?

Something else which helped me to further understand the role of media in different societies would be the exchange of comments between my classmates and myself on our blog posts, ranging from questions to personal opinions about the topic of discussion. As many of us are from different schools and background, it was interesting to know about everyone’s unique perspectives on all kinds of issues, and this has broadened my view on mentioned subjects. Another benefit about having to comment on each other’s blogs is that we are exposed to media topics that we might not necessarily be interested in, which helped to widen our view as well.

Lastly, I am also more aware about the the role of the media in our society. Initially I was only aware of the more commonly-known roles of media such as a source of easily-accessible information for education purposes and the provision of advertisements to boost consumerism for corporations’ benefit. It was only after doing research and the lecture that it was brought to our attention how the media can be used as a tool in politics to influence politicians’ decision-making, such as in the case of Rupert Murdoch who attempted to influence decisions made by Tony Blair. The extent at which media affects our lives is a lot more than what we expect.

One of the most important learning points we can take away from this assignment is to take everything published in the media with a pinch of salt. No matter how believable some articles may seem, we should always question ourselves on its reliability and interpret the truth by cross-referring to different sources. All in all, this assignment has been enriching in developing our thinking skills and have provided us with different insights. Thanks to everyone who have been keeping up with my blog (and not purely for commenting purposes ahahaha)!



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